Viewpoint: Residents need to pay garbage bills

Round one in the battle over garbage fee collections in Lee County goes to county commissioners, a judge ruled in their favor. But it's far from over.

Commissioners want the fees added to annual property tax bills; the tax commissioner isn't sure she can constitutionally collect garbage fees.

The reason this is going on is because they are some people in the county who refuse to pay their monthly garbage bills.

Some of them are even behind on their bills by a year or more.

Many of the offenders are landlords who own the property but don't live there.

People,  it's time to step up and pay your bills.

What a waste of time and taxpayer money for this issue to be fought in the courts.

We think it's great that commissioners are trying to find a way to collect the fees, and we understand the tax commissioner's concerns, too.

This whole mess is the fault of  the people who refuse to pay up.

And we say shame on you!

Whatever the outcome of this court case, there are no winners.

And the losers are all the taxpayers of Lee County who are footing the bill for this bunch of deadbeats.