Viewpoint: Leave those signs alone

Of all the things that people choose to steal, road signs may be the worst.

There's precious little metal in them, and when they're taken from the roadway, everyone who travels through that area is in danger.

Worth County has spent about $4,000 in the last few months, replacing street name signs.

That doesn't even include all of the stop signs they've replaced.

And part of this sign problem is just malicious. As crazy as it sounds, someone turned a stop sign backwards, and a driver ran through the intersection.

Luckily, no one was coming from the other direction, and there were no injuries… this time.

Stealing-- or altering-- road signs is a serious crime. The roads are dangerous enough without this criminal activity adding to the problem.

We call on recyclers to be especially vigilant for people trying to sell this metal, and we call on citizens to quickly call law enforcement if you see someone trying to steal or alter a road sign.

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