Viewpoint: Will free TV stay free?

The future of free over the air television is bright and we want to ensure it stays that way.

Congress is currently considering action as part of the debt and budget negotiations that could threaten your ability to view, local free over the air television.

The federal government is making decisions about how the airwaves are used, and these decisions impact your ability to receive local news, emergency weather alerts, public safety information and high-quality programs you value currently - free and over the air.

Congressional action seeks to reallocate some TV channels -through a process known as spectrum incentive auctions. Some federal regulators are calling for the reallocation of some the broadcast airwaves to benefit the wireless industry to build out their networks.

You may recall, this spectrum was promised TV stations, if we would spend millions to broadcast digital TV. We would be paid back so-to-speak, with the ability to broadcast additional stations. An example you have seen with our addition of a new local ABC station.

We broadcasters are fighting to ensure any government decision about spectrum does not deny TV viewers access to the great services they currently receive and advances in broadcasting such as 3-D TV coming in the future.

Tell your member of Congress to protect free local TV as they consider ways to auction TV channels by emailing or calling them today at: 1-800-200-4372 or click HERE.

Thank you for protecting free local TV!