Adult Hearing

As hearing loss occurs in older adults, they begin showing signs of that others are able to pick up on. If you know of someone who listens to the television too loudly and who constantly ask others to repeat themselves, they are most likely experiencing a hearing loss. You can make a difference in their lives by having their hearing tested.

It is important to have hearing tested in older adults for safety issues as well for fear they may not hear a siren, fire alarm, or even something as simple as someone at the door. Safety is a very important reason for regular hearing test.

Many older adults that experience hearing loss begin to stop doing as many activities as they once did. You may find they do not go to church as much or enjoy time with family. They are missing out on what is being said, so they tend to remove themselves from situations where this will occur. Help someone not only restore their hearing with a hearing test, but also help them restore their life.