Viewpoint: CRCT probe called off?

What was Governor Nathan Deal thinking?

As he announced the shocking results of a CRCT cheating investigation into Atlanta Public Schools, he quietly released a brief statement saying the Dougherty County investigation was over.

He claimed Dougherty County Schools took significant steps to address testing issues, but he refused to explain what those steps were.

The governor's decision left the impression that students in a smaller school system away from the big city media and political power in the state capital don't matter as much to him as students in Atlanta.

Thankfully, the men in charge of the investigation talked some sense into Governor Deal.  Former State Attorney General Mike Bowers and former Dekalb District Attorney Bob Wilson told him they had "grave concerns" about what their preliminary investigation uncovered in Dougherty County.  To his credit, the Governor reversed course, and the investigation will go forward.

Dougherty County school officials still insist there was no cheating conspiracy here.  Maybe they're right.  If the investigation had been stopped in the middle, there would always have been questions.  Hopefully, in a few months we'll know the truth.

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