Viewpoint: Cigarette warnings

We hope you have seen the announcement about new graphic warnings, that will appear on every pack of cigarettes, beginnings in 2012.

The FDA hopes these "in your face" larger warnings, will have two outcomes: that it will keep more children from ever trying smoking ,and that kids will give their parents an even harder time about their smoking.

This is the first change in the warning labels in over 25 years and is a great idea, because of the addictive nature of the drug, nicotine in cigarettes.

Some we spoke to, addicted to smoking, hope the ads will encourage others to never start.

It would be odd, if not so sad, you see people holding cigarettes outside their car windows, because they are absolutely convinced of the damage cigarettes will cause to the interior of their car, but not the same fear, about the damage are causing to their bodies.

These new graphic warnings may remind you of the State's campaign to educate and discourage Kids from ever using "Meth", even once.

This campaign has already been shown to be very effective in Georgia, so we hope the cigarette warnings will be just as effective.