Viewpoint: A tale of two eyesores

Albany's biggest eyesore remains in limbo. The Heritage House Hotel has been empty since 1995.

Earlier this year, city leaders finally thought they had it worked out to demolish the remains of the building, but the owners appealed, and it's still tied up in court.

So this dangerous, dilapidated monstrosity has blighted one of Albany's busiest throughways for over 15 years.  It looks worse now than ever.

Contrast this scene with another former eyesore that has been transformed into open space.

The old Pritchett Ford building, once a haven for drugs and gang activity, was demolished in April.

Oxford Construction crews kept the dust down, dealt with asbestos in the building, and recycled what they could.

Neighboring businesses says the demolition is a welcome sight.  Oxford Construction plans to level the lot, and sell the property.

And judging by the construction of a new Walgreens and Zaxby's in the immediate area, they shouldn't have to wait long for a buyer.

This is a model of urban renewal, and what a joy it would be to see this kind of transformation occur on Oglethorpe Boulevard.