Viewpoint: GA immigration law needs more work

Like Arizona, Georgia's Fruit and Vegetable growers are feeling the heat, and we're not just talking about the drought.

The state's new immigration law is cutting off something as important as rainfall: A labor force to harvest their crops.

The new law does not take effect for another couple of weeks, but workers are already leaving the state, in anticipation of the new restrictions.

One of two things will happen quickly. Some crops will spoil in the fields, or farmers will pay much more for labor, and our consumer prices will increase dramatically.

You have heard about the controversy, we demand a secure border with Mexico, but we also want cheap labor, supplied by migrant workers.

Like it or not, farmers have used for too long now, undocumented or illegal workers to hold down prices. The federal government should have fixed this problem with a national policy years ago.

Leaving it to be solved by each state allows workers in Georgia, to just move next door to Alabama, or Florida, leaving us hanging.

The Georgia Agribusiness Council is now conducting a survey of farmers, but this process is way late, to help the immediate need for workers.

We need an immediate solution to a streamlined guest worker program in Georgia.