Viewpoint; Copper thieves need to be in jail

We must say again, well done, as Albany Police catch a suspected copper thief in the act. They say he targeted Adams Exterminators on West Town Road.

It was a familiar story, about $50 worth of stripped copper, getting a few dollars worth of metal, caused $15,000 in damage to three AC units at Adam's Exterminators.

Police felt the thief would strike again, and the hunch paid off. Officers set up surveillance on Jack Ivey's sign,where sure enough, the criminals showed up one day later stealing aluminum.

52-year-old David Sweet is in the Dougherty County Jail, facing numerous charges from entering auto to criminal damage to property.

Police say he was caught on surveillance video outside Jack Ivey signs striking the surveillance camera with a mop. Co. Commission Chairman Jeff Sinyard hopes he'll spend a long time in jail.

'Bodine' speaks for many of us, who feel this same way, "I hope the maximum amount allowed under the law this person will serve. I hope his bond is so high he can't get out. And I hope that while he's serving, if there's not some law that makes him work, we need to pass a law that makes folks work so they'll understand what it takes to make a living and pay for things."

APDs burglary unit, gang unit, and uniform division, worked well together on this special detail.

As most businesses plan to increase security, to prevent break-ins, this and so many other arrests, should send a clear message, You won't get away with it!