Viewpoint: 'Taggers' taught a lesson

Well done, all around as we heard the graffiti artists are behind bars.

20-year-old Calvin Benton and 21-year-old Alexander Delarosa are in jail, facing between 15 and 25 counts of criminal trespass and other charges.

Albany Police, especially the gang task force, were determined to stop them.

Property owners said it will cost them thousands of dollars to clean their walls. Some said the paint won't come off and they may have to replace bricks. Investigators say the community helped them stop this vandalism.

We loved the attitude by Albany Police Chief John Proctor who said, "You may think it's a simple crime, but if you don't pay attention to smaller things, bigger things can happen."

Well done by City Commissioners, who recently strengthened the graffiti ordinance, and are determined to keep Albany tag free.

Police offered a one thousand dollar reward for information on these tags, and they say a CRIMESTOPPERS call, once again helped lead them to Benton and Delarosa.

Chief Proctor brought out some of the gang unit and other officers who worked to stop the tagging, thanking them for their work. We'd like to thank them as well.

Business owners hope the arrests will send a clear message, that tagging will not be tolerated.