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Lawn care business owner hopes for drought relief

The drought is certainly taking its toll on lawns. The hot, dry weather has not only taken a toll on your grass, it's taken a toll on some folks in the lawn business.

What normally is Joseph Gonzalez's greatest tool in perfecting lawns, is just the opposite in a drought. Now a weed eater is his tool of choice, "Really, I've been cutting very little," he said.

He's the owner of Pro-Cut and what's normally a successful time of the year for business is one of the worst.

On average he cuts 40 yards a month, some yards twice a month but now he's cutting only a dozen yards a month, "Now some people are doing it themselves or people are telling me just one time this month," he said.

With fewer lawns to cut, less often his wallet is taking a big hit. "I would say about 4,100 dollars a month we've been losing on accounts," he said.

So he's exploring new avenues to make up for the lost income, "I've been so slow so I thought you  instead of not doing anything I could offer irrigation systems," he said.

Dead grass doesn't only hurt the homeowner but it hurts the lawn care business too. "It is real expensive to replace sod and if it dies it hurts us too," he said.

He says he'll install irrigation systems at a special price and so far, he's had some luck. "We have two scheduled for this week because people are really not wanting their grass to die," he said.

But of course, nothing beats a help from mother nature. "I'm hoping a lot for rain, maybe we will get some this weekend," he said.

Until then he hopes more folks look into installing an irrigation system, before they have to look into re-sodding their yard.

If you do decide to water your own lawn you can do so after 4 p.m. and before 10 a.m. Every day of the week.

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