Viewpoint: Walmart is good news

On land that used to be the site of a crime-ridden, dilapidated trailer park, Walmart's newest store now stands.

It's been years in the planning, and now Albany's East side has a new state of the art retail center where groceries, clothing, electronics, and hardware can be bought, at what Walmart says are the "lowest prices, guaranteed."

On opening day, nearly every space in the new store's parking lot was filled, and people enthusiastically filled their carts with merchandise.

It is said that where Walmart goes, small businesses decline. But stores across the way from Walmart saw a brisk business too, and more stores are on the way.

We expect to see even more small businesses grow up in this area, with Walmart serving as an anchor that brings shoppers to this part of town.

Not only will the new store save money for shoppers with low prices, but for folks who had to drive to the Lee County Walmart from points east, the new store saves lots of gas.

And at nearly four dollars a gallon, that's a very welcome additional savings.

Having a Walmart in East Albany will also cut down a bit on the congestion on Ledo Road, as fewer shoppers have to go to the Lee County location.

We are happy to see the new Walmart open for business, and we expect the store to be an asset for Albany's eastside.

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