They did what with bacon???

Bacon is not just for breakfast anymore. Everywhere you turn it's being added to everyday products like bacon toothpaste, bacon salt and bacon Coffee.

A company from Chicago named Fargginay took things to a whole new level. There's just something about bacon, that just makes everything taste better.

And it's not for eating anymore you can actually wear it. From Dogs, to commercials, bacon is everywhere. "I can be full and smell the bacon cooking and get hungry real quick," said Bacon Lover Cu Nguyen.

And companies are catching on to the craving making items like Bacon soap, Jelly and even bacon flavored personal lubricant. To add to this bacon frenzy, we found a fragrance by Fargginay called Bacon'.

"I don't like it," said Kimberly Whitely.

"I think I can wear it. It's not bad," said Tom Dichiara.

Bacon' has eleven different ingredients and a hint of bacon. "I wouldn't wear it, because it's made with bacon. That seems kind of nasty,"  said Shalae Minor.

"I think it's going to far. Why choose bacon of all things? I would choose corn. Why fat especially pork?"

While everyone isn't bring home the bacon. Fargginay has stretched it as far as they can.  Oscar Mayer back in 1924 introduced bacon packaged in slices, the way we see it today.

And a regional survey found 43 percent of men would rather have bacon than sex, but it was done by Maple Leaf foods of course.

Bacon' the fragrance is available for men and women visit Fargginay for more information.