Viewpoint: Darton College status change

What welcome news, that the Georgia Board of Regents voted to allow Darton College to now offer some four year degree programs.

Darton is also one of four community colleges approved for "State" college status in Georgia. The board recognized the value Darton holds and the quality education it offers.

This is a big victory, not only for Albany, but for all of Southwest Georgia.

Darton nursing students, who previously had to look elsewhere to finish their degrees, now have the advantage of staying here.

And as time goes on, this will translate into an ever bigger boost for South Georgia.

The more students who attend Darton, the more stimulus for the local economy.

We appreciate all the hard work of those who worked to make this happen, and we are especially grateful that the Georgia Board of Regents responded with its affirmative vote.

We look forward to watching Darton grow, and we are excited about the benefits that the enhancement of this quality educational institution will bring to South Georgia.