Viewpoint: iPads for the school board

As we continue to monitor the activities of all elected officials, We are troubled about how the Dougherty County School Board, continues to spend your tax dollars.

At the first of the year, the School Board gave themselves I-Pads, at a cost of $400 each. We have reported in the past they had already given themselves computer laptops. Why in the world do they also need personal I-pads?

We are told funds for I-pads, came from a grant to equip school teachers and administrators, to better educate our children.

This is an outright abuse by the board, and a waste precious tax dollars, that should be used in our classrooms.

If board members need to learn how an I-pad works, they can do so in a seminar and demonstration.

But here's a hint, they work just like the free laptops, you gave yourselves.

Last month, The superintendent and three board members traveled to a National School Board Conference in San Francisco.

The cost ran $2,500 per board member. In this economy, businesses send only a General Manager, chairman or superintendent. Especially considering such an expensive destination, one attends and briefs any others necessary.

It is not simply the dollar amount spent, it is the principle of these actions. It sets terrible president, as leaders must consider teacher furloughs and how to do more with less.

Let all your elected officials know how you feel about such abuses of the public trust.