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Meteor streaks across Georgia and several other states

Did you see an unusual light in the sky Friday night?

A lot of people called us to tell us about it. Unfortunately no one caught it on tape, but a worldwide meteor reporting web site got reports from people in seven states who saw an incredible meteor streak across the sky around 10:00 PM Friday night.

Darton College professor Dr. Craig Flowers and about 15 students were out star-gazing in Terrell County. They were looking at Saturn when they were shocked by what they saw.

"It looked like just a regular meteor, white streak going through the sky, but it just kept getting bigger and brighter and then turned into a fire ball, with a tail of smoke behinds. Right before it reached the tree line it shattered into pieces and disintegrated," said Dr. Craig Flowers, Darton College Chemistry Professor.

Dr. Flowers says it was what astronomers call a Bolide, an unusually large meteor. He says it likely came from a nearby asteroid and landed in the Atlantic Ocean.

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