Viewpoint: Rules for peddlers and traveling merchants

Albany City Commissioner Roger Marietta wants to limit peddlers, with a stronger city ordinance. This includes a limit on those selling door to door, and those setting up a temporary stands.

You have seen our news reports about scam artists who work neighborhoods, offering: alarm systems, water systems, roof repair, and driveway repair.

They especially target our senior citizens. Some offer a cheap job, get the money and leave unfinished work.

These traveling sales operations should be carefully policed by local code enforcement officers.

We expect our established business to abide by many rules to stay in business.

The established local operators also know their business depends on serving its customers well for repeat business and a good reputation for new business.

These traveling sales operations care about neither repeat business nor a good reputation. Often their only motivation is getting your dollars just one time. Then they are gone.

The government should carefully watch these operators and you should be very careful what you buy. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.