Viewpoint: Cold Case murder solved

Nine years ago, 32-year-old Willie Gipson, a supervisor at an Albany Wendy's was savagely beaten to death in his home.

Investigators worked the case for years, but couldn't get enough evidence for an arrest in the case.

Then after nearly a decade, Toledo Love was picked up and charged with the homicide.

The same afternoon, Officials from the Worth Co. Sheriff's Office arrested Anthony "Hoochie" Richardson. Richardson worked as Gibson's subordinate at an Albany Wendy's.

Several factors came into play to bring this case to a resolution.

A citizen went to Dougherty District Attorney Greg Edwards with new information needed to make the arrests. Albany investigators moved quickly to apprehend Love, and Worth County deputies moved quickly to collar Richardson.

Both men had been free since the beating death of Gipson, and no doubt figured they'd gotten away with the crime. Now the state will make a murder case against both, and they are behind bars today.

When good citizens work with law enforcement, criminals have a tough time avoiding justice.

We commend the forthright citizens who came forward, and all the law enforcement agencies involved with solving this cold case.

The family of Willie Gipson is grateful that they will hopefully have some closure in this terrible crime, and two men the state calls murderers are off the streets.