Viewpoint: How do you watch the Braves?

We Atlanta Braves fans have loved to watch our favorite team play on television for the last 35 years.

WALB fielded many calls from irate Mediacom cable customers in south Georgia who could not watch Friday's home opener against the Philadelphia Phillies.

That game was televised by Peachtree TV which in the past has provided their games free of charge to cable companies outside Atlanta.

This year Peachtree TV games outside Atlanta are being broadcast by FSN South.

According to Mediacom, FSN South is charging cable companies and media outlets extra for these 45 Peachtree TV games.

Mediacom says it is still negotiating with FSN South and assessing the impact these fees would have on their overall customer base.

We want to know how long that takes since this television arrangement was announced well before the season started.

While we feel FSN South is wrong to charge extra for programming that is broadcast free over the air in Atlanta, other cable companies and satellite providers have added the Braves games to their lineups.

A Mediacom spokesman says 70% of Braves games are available to their subscribers this season.

The problem is that 30% not being shown means their subscribers in south Georgia may have to miss as much as 45 Braves games this season.

That number may cause a lot of Mediacom subscribers to look at other options like satellite in order to be able to watch 100% of Braves baseball this season.