Viewpoint: Pressure mounts on Applejax

Albany commissioners will hold a hearing on April 19th on whether to revoke the alcohol license held by the owners of the Applejax bar and lounge on Broad Avenue.

It was in the parking lot of that club that two men were stabbed to death last month.

City attorney Nathan Davis says there is ample evidence of violence around the club to revoke the alcohol license.

The owners will be allowed to argue their case at the hearing, but the city attorney says the owners will face a lot of questions.

"We feel there will be substantial questions as to what security was or was not in place, whether the provisions of the alcohol code were followed as far as reporting disturbances, maintaining order, all the things that are very specific in the alcohol code," said Davis.

Even though much of the crime happens just outside the club, the owners should assume the responsibility of keeping the area safe and that hasn't happened.

For that reason, we hope the commission will move quickly and take their liquor license.