Viewpoint: Mardi Gras volunteers are vital

Albany just hosted another successful Mardi Gras weekend, thanks to dedicated organizers and volunteers.

More people than ever took part in the Snickers Marathon Energy Bar Marathon and half marathon this year.

Many of them gushed about how well-organized the event was. Once again, more than a thousand volunteers helped the marathon and SB&T bike races run smoothly.

Because of that good southern hospitality, hotel rooms were full, the local economy got a $3 million boost, and many visitors left town with a good impression of Albany that could bring them back to south Georgia.

Fewer people attended the Mardi Gras street festival this year, but that was only because of threatening weather.

We can hope for better weather next time. We're already looking forward to next year's events, and we know many out-of-towners are too.