Viewpoint: Why not fire this teacher?

We are consistently bewildered by decisions made by the Dougherty County School board, and their latest again has us shaking our heads.

Why in the world would school board members allow a teacher to resign after his arrest for offering students money for sex?

True that he's presumed innocent until proven guilty, but if board members thought there was enough evidence that he's no longer fit for the classroom, why not fire him?

The band of four - Velvet Riggins, James Bush, Milton Griffin and Anita Brown - have once again put aside what's best for the community and school kids, and continued with their self-serving ways.

James Bush defended his vote by saying he was acting on the superintendent's recommendation:

"I don't have a crystal ball but I do know he's in trouble but I voted for it tonight because that was Dr. Murfree's recommendation."

Really, Mr. Bush? Joshua Murfree didn't elect you, the voters of your district did.

Perhaps you should consider their wishes once in a while.

To Bush, Riggins, Griffin and Brown we say: "Your cowardly vote is setting the stage for this guy to re-appear as a teacher in some other county or state. Shame on you!"