Viewpoint: Full Time Pre-K restored

Parents and teachers pushed back against proposed cuts to Georgia's Pre-K program, and the governor apparently listened.

Gov. Nathan Deal will no longer advocate cutting the Pre-K program to a half day.

Instead, he will reduce the number of classroom days from 180 to 160 and expand class size by two students.

It will still allow $54 million in spending cuts, while at the same time creating 10,000 slots to the popular program

We think this is a suitable compromise and we applaud the governor for his proposal.

We are hopeful that he will continue to fine tune the lottery-funded HOPE Scholarship program, and eliminate HOPE funding for remedial classes.

The HOPE scholarship is an incentive for our students to do the very best and rewarding them for anything less is counter-productive.

The HOPE scholarship can help move Georgia in the right direction in educating our future work force, and we hope that every dollar will be spent wisely.