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Sylvester couple in the running to win one million dollars

By  Stephanie Springer  - bio | email

SYLVESTER, GA (WALB) –A Worth County couple won a thousand dollars, and they'll find out Monday whether they'll win a million.

It's not a scam, they've checked. It's through the popular, legitimate "Publisher's Clearing house Sweepstakes" that they've taken part in for years.

The word "excited" best describes how Robert Colby and his wife Sherry are feeling, and Monday they find out if they're going to become millionaires.

Colby recently got a letter from "Publisher's Clearing house" informing him he was one of 211 very lucky people.

"210 people on the list won a thousand dollars and one person on this list wins a million dollar super prize," says Colby.

Something hard for him to believe at first, but after careful research he realized it was real. He and his wife have been using Publisher's Clearing house for years. They've purchased everything from low cost magazines to blueberry bushes on the web site, but winning a million dollars never crossed their minds.

But regardless of whether they win a million dollars, they say they're just excited to be among the 211 chosen, "At least we are going to get a thousand dollars and that's just free just for spending some time on the Internet, said Colby.

It's also exciting for the small town of Sylvester, "Everyone we've talked with thinks its wonderful someone in Sylvester Georgia is going to win some money in Publishers Clearing House," he said.

They say entering publisher's clearing house was an easy decision but deciding what to do with all the money will be a little more difficult.

Since 1967 Publishers Clearing House has awarded more than 223-million dollars in prizes.

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