Viewpoint: Prisoners committing tax fraud

As the state and Federal governments struggle to balance their budgets with hiring freezes, furloughs and big cuts, we find out that thousands of inmates including many in Georgia are scamming the government with fraudulent income tax returns.

That's right, from inside the very prisons we are paying to house these crooks, they are filing tax returns and getting million of dollars they don't deserve.  Al Manni may have put it best:

"Lord have mercy, it's unthinkable, in my opinion it's unthinkable in this information age that we live in and how could this possible."

We agree with Al -- It's unthinkable.  Shame on the crooks for doing it and shame on the government for letting it happen.

It seems this has been going on for years and it was difficult to stop because of government rules about taxpayer ID.  Hopefully now they have corrected the problem with the tax fraud act of 2008.

We agree inmates should be treated humanely, but aren't we carrying it bit to far when we give them so much freedom that they defraud the government and take taxpayer money from inside the prisons?

We don't know how many hundreds of millions of dollars these inmates were able to steal over the years.  A recent government crackdown saved $3.6 million in Georgia prisoner tax fraud and 130 million nationwide...  It's about time.