Viewpoint: Oxendine's license fiasco

The stunt a statewide elected official pulled on his last day in office stunned even many of the most cynical watchers of Georgia politics.

As he walked out of the Insurance Commissioner's office, John Oxendine granted himself several insurance licenses.  He waived rules that would have required him to take 80 hours of classes and pass several tests like all the other insurance agents in Georgia.

Oxendine said he didn't want distract other test takers who would be surprised to see a former insurance commissioner in their class.  Plus, he said he didn't need to pass a test because his 16 years in office proved his knowledge of the insurance business.  It sounds to us like he just wanted to take the easy way out.

At least it won't happen again.  As soon as he found out what happened, current Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens wrote a bill to prevent future waivers.  It's a safe bet it will easily pass the General Assembly.

John Oxendine's last act in office was a sleazy and selfish abuse of power.  But it pretty much guarantees he won't get elected to any office again in this state.  We say, "good riddance."