WALB Viewpoint: When is dropping out right?

Georgia and Alabama are two of 23 states that allow students drop out at age 16.

Now Alabama is raising the age to 17.  Here in Georgia, State Senator Lester Jackson of Savannah introduced a bill to allow local school districts, not the state, to set the age at 16, 17, or 18.

If a student wants to drop out sooner, their parents would have to sign a waiver saying they'll attend community college or a technical college.  We think this is a great idea for Georgia.

We agree with Alabama Senator Arthur Orr, who says age 16 is too young for students to make a decision that will have an enormous impact on the remainder of their lives.

Georgia Senator Jackson is on the same page saying he doesn't think a person is mature enough at age 16 or has the mental capacity to make a decision like that that will affect them for the rest of their lives.

This legislation has the backing of District 10 Senator, Emmanuel Jones, and our own 12th District Senator Freddie Powell Sims.  We encourage all  legislators to Change Georgia's School Drop-Out Age from 16 to 18.