Viewpoint: Council on Aging

We have often commented on the fine work done, by the SOWEGA council of Aging. They assist area seniors in so many areas of their lives.

Now they will begin a great new service, offering tax help, including e-filing at the Council on Aging office, at 309 Pine Ave. in Albany.

The assistance is not limited to seniors, they will also help taxpayers, in low to moderate income levels. Carleen Flowers the District 10 director says they have AARP tax aide volunteers, trained by the IRS, and Georgia Department of Revenue officials, to handle this project.

Help is available now thru the April deadline for filing this year.

If you or someone you know, needs help, be sure and at least call and speak to a councilor, to see if they if they qualify for this valuable service.

For help or if you have questions, please call the SOWEGA Council on Aging at: 229-432-1124