Viewpoint: Sales tax Holiday is needed

Our state leaders in Atlanta are unenthusiastic about the prospect of a Sales Tax Holiday this year. The general feeling seems to be that the state needs every penny of sales tax revenue it can get, and we understand that.

We've had not one, but two such Sales Tax Holidays in past years, but leaders say the state can't afford to do without the money, even though just a few items would be exempted from the tax. We also think that if spending goes down, the need to wring every bit of money from consumers will decline, too.

Most of the states surrounding Georgia have kept their Sales Tax Holidays, and they need revenue, too. But they've decided that going without sales taxes on certain items for one day is something they can afford.

Retailers rightly see a one-day pass on sales taxes for some items as a way to get consumers to buy things they wouldn't normally, buy, and it also helps sell some items the state does get its tax on.

We think that the state can find a way to keep at least one sales tax holiday in 2011, even if a second one might not be feasible.

We call upon our state legislators to put one Sales Tax Holiday back on the calendar this year, to help consumers, and retailers alike.