Microchip dogs re-uniting with owner

(Cartersville-AP) -- Mo and Ziggy, two Labrador Retrievers who were identified through microchip implants, were reunited with their owner.

The dogs were picked up on Interstate 70 near their home in Broomfield, Colorado, last week by a passing motorist. The dogs weren't wearing tags, so the driver took them 1,400 miles to his home in Canton, a suburb north of Atlanta.

The driver took the dogs to a veterinarian, who did a routine scan that revealed the dogs had microchips implanted between their shoulder blades that corresponded to American Kennel Club's animal recovery program.

The veterinarian called the recovery program, which had the name of the dogs' owner.

The owner, Todd Yosten, traveled to Georgia and is scheduled to pick up the dogs this morning in Cartersville.

posted at 10:00 AM by dave.miller@walb.com