Track your lost pet

August 7, 2003

by Armen Jeknavorian

Valdosta -- Technology is making it easier for people to find and identify their lost pets.

Some veterinarians are implanting microchips in pets for easy identification. These rice-sized devices are implanted between the animal's shoulder blades. When lost pets are found, they undergo a routine scan to locate the chip. The chip lists a number code which matches the animal to their vet and owner.

The Companion American Recovery program hopes the implants will quickly reunite pets with their families.

"They keep the information on file in a computer database, so that when they are contacted they'll have three contacts that they can find in order to get the pet home safely," said Jeff Creamer.

The microchip implants are available for dogs, cats, birds and horses. The cost of procedure runs between thirty and fifty dollars and lasts a lifetime.

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