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Tips for avoiding winter weather airport snags

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(CNN) - Another round of winter weather in the Northeast will likely wreak havoc on airline schedules across the country. When cancellations and delays get in the mix, keeping a few tips in mind now can save you headaches at the airport later.

When dealing with weather-related delays or cancellations, compensation and refund policies vary across airlines. Check out the "Contract of Carriage" on the airline's website.

You might be inclined to stay home and work the phone or the web to change your flight, but sometimes braving the trek to the airport can pay off.

"Most people are going to take the advice, I've heard this advice before from different travel pundits: 'Stay home and don't go to the airport.' And no one goes to the airport. And then if there is a flight that gets out, you're going to be on that flight because you were at the airport at the right time," said George Hobica with

After the storm, a backlog of travelers can result in overbooked flights that get you bumped. But federal rules say you don't always have to take an airline's voucher for future travel.

"Usually they're going to try to give you a voucher, but if you're involuntarily bumped, you can get a full cash payment," Hobica said. "Sometimes if you're voluntarily bumped, in other words you say, 'Bump me,' you have less leeway. But you can always try to ask for the cash."

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