Viewpoint: Close a school if necessary

The embattled Dougherty County School system is on the threshold of an exciting new opportunity.

The state is considering Albany as the site of a regional career academy. It would draw students from surrounding counties and offer them technical training to get them on a career track.

Other counties are also competing for the academy, and It will boil down to which school system formulates a plan and puts it into action.

Former School Board chairman David Maschke says it will be necessary to close one of Dougherty County's four high schools in order to have money for the academy.

We say: do it. Albany no longer needs four high schools.

Numbers show that in the last 10 years, the high school student population in Dougherty County has dropped by one thousand students.

With one of the highest drop out rates in the state, Dougherty County needs to look for new ways to engage students and help them succeed.

We think this career academy offers hope to those students. We urge our leaders to get busy, come up with a plan, and bring this chance for success to our kids.