WALB's Most Wanted: Unknown murderer

After we showed you enhanced video last week of the December robbery/murder at a store on Radium Springs Road, police picked up 16 year old Anthony Hill.  The clerk, 19-year-old Sentos Vicente, was shot in the head and killed.

Hill is in the foreground of the surveillance video. He's the one holding the gun.

The video later shows him handing off the gun to his accomplice, who actually fired the fatal shot into the teenaged store clerk's head.

Hill has confessed, but we still need to catch the other killer. He's obviously a cohort of Anthony Hill's.

If you can give police any information on his identity, you could get some cash.

Just call Albany Crimestoppers at 229-436-TIPS.

You can remain anonymous and you could get a reward of up to one thousand dollars.