Viewpoint: We can't live without blood

You saw on the news last week that winter storms closed roads and canceled classes, but did you know that it also crippled our blood supply?

Hundreds of blood drives were canceled because of the weather on the East coast, and that translates into a loss of 24,000 blood products that are not available to patients who desperately need them.

The need for blood donations is critical and we are asking that all of you donate, especially if you have O-negative blood, because it's universal.

You can find a link on our website that lists donation sites and times. And now there's a new Facebook app that will make it even easier for you.

The "Give Blood Countdown" is a fun and easy way to manage your donations using Facebook.

You can receive reminders of upcoming eligibility and self report your donations – whether they are whole blood, platelets or double red cells.

So please, sign up for it today and make giving blood a life-saving part of your social networking.

You can find the links on our website, or call the Red Cross at  1-800-RED CROSS