How does the Lap-Band System work?

Lap-Band gastric band works to help you achieve safe weight loss. Unlike any other bariatric procedure, there is no stapling of the stomach, no parts of the digestive system are removed, and nothing is "re-routed". It is totally adjustable, and can even be later removed if desired or necessary, though it is intended to be left in place permanently.

How is Lap-Band System surgery performed?

The Lap-Band surgery is performed laparoscopically--meaning through tiny incisions using special instruments and a videoscope. Because it is minimally invasive surgery, it is generally performed on an outpatient basis without any need to spend even one night in the hospital.

Click here to watch a 2 minute video that explains how the surgery is performed, and where the band is implanted within your body.....

What is a Lap-Band adjustment, and how is it done?

Lap-Band can be adjusted by simply injecting saline through the port which is located just below the skin surface.

When saline is added, the ring of the band becomes smaller and tighter, causing food to move more slowly into the stomach. This can be used to make you feel full longer and eat less, thus increasing the speed at which you will lose weight.

When saline is removed from the band, the opposite effect occurs--you can consume more food and digest it faster. This may be useful for patients that become pregnant or otherwise have a temporary need for more nutrition. No other weight loss surgical procedure has the ability to be adjusted to meet your nutritional needs that may change throughout your life.