Viewpoint: Can you say Christmas these days?

We all love this time of year, the parades, the concerts, the parties, and of course the shopping.

First, I hope you will continue to support your local stores, and spend your money locally. When you shop, on-line or from a catalog, you are taking money away from your Local stores, many of which are owned or operated by your friends and neighbors.

Many local jobs depend on those local profits. If you're like me you have received more catalogs, this year than ever before. One big problem is they only wish me a, "Happy non-specified December holiday."

I've kept the last 20 catalogs, I have received and could not help but notice, they feel it is no longer acceptable to use word 'Christmas.'

I got the Holiday catalog from Pottery Barn, from Brookstone, the Holiday catalog, with guaranteed Holiday delivery! From Crate & Barrel, the gift guide 2010. William-Sonoma has free shipping, for gift giving. Holiday baking, holiday decorating, holiday entertaining...

It's crazy! Who suddenly decided that you can't say Christmas anymore???

Do these large companies realize that by trying so hard not to offend anyone, they are offending the more than 90% of us who celebrate Christmas? Who do they think are more likely to buy their Christmas presents, than those of us, who celebrate Christmas?

So we say, throw these so-called, politically correct catalogs away, use "Merry Christmas", at every opportunity, and of course, only shop locally.