Viewpoint: Welcome L2 Network...

The old saying goes: 'You can't fight City Hall', and some of us have had a similar feeling about our local cable TV service.

There's a general perception that the cable frequently has problems, and you can't talk to a local person about it. You have to fight your way through a 1-800 telephone gauntlet, and when you do get through, many viewers tell us that the response can be... less than satisfactory.

When a monopoly exists, the only horse in the race might tend to get complacent, because people have nowhere else to go.

But with the entrance of the L2 Network in Albany, Mediacom's cable TV monopoly will end, and we say that's a good thing.

Competition forces companies to work harder to get and keep their customers.

We say this will benefit the consumer. If customers become dissatisfied with our current cable company, they can sign up with the new one.

By the same token, if they find that the new guy on the block doesn't deliver, they can go back to the other provider.

The Water, Gas, & Light commission will also make money from the new company, by collecting a fee for the use of its fiber-optic cable.

So we say the more the merrier in the TV cable business. Competition is great...