Viewpoint: How many school tests are enough?

It has taken 10 years, but farewell and good riddance to the Georgia High School Graduation test!

Former Governor Roy Barnes first proposed replacing the exit exam with "end-of-Course" tests ten years ago. State Board of Education members recently approved a plan which places more emphasis on end-of-course tests.

State Schools Superintendent Brad Bryant was quoted in the Atlanta Journal Constitution as saying that state leaders have wanted to phase out the exam years ago, but couldn't because of federal testing requirements.

The state has now revamped its high school graduation standards and end-of-course tests will be an acceptable substitute.

It seems as if all student testing, in recent years, has been overkill. High school students have been taking not only end-of-course tests, but an exit exam, too. Now, if the plan is approved, beginning in the fall of 2011, freshmen will be the first graduating class to receive diplomas without having to pass the Georgia High School Graduation test.

Testing is good and our students need to be tested on what they've learned, but we certainly commend state Board of Education members for taking SOME of the pressure off of students by allowing them to be tested on what they've learned in each course.

We hope the plan is approved.