Viewpoint: Holiday generosity

Thank you South Georgia for your contributions to the annual WALB Food Drive!

As we head into not only Thanksgiving but the entire holiday season, we ask that you continue the spirit of giving thanks and passing it on.

From the food banks, to the churches, from civic groups and young people, we ask that you remember those in need.

Even though news reports are saying that the economy is making a turn-around, we still hear that food banks and food pantries across the country are saying that they've never seen it like this before.

A year after their busiest year ever, they thought there would be some let up – a reduction in the number of those in need.  But for many, it still hasn't happened.

Our local food bank recently reported that they, too, would fall short this year due to the price of turkeys and as a result, they would be unable to provide the annual staple to those in need.

If it's one can good or ten can goods, if it's one box of macaroni or any other side….and if you can give a turkey or ham, please share!   

Pass on the kindness and think of others who may not have enough this holiday season.