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County finishes 6 of 11 high priority flooding improvements


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ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  We finally got some rain overnight and early Tuesday.

It was nowhere near enough to flood neighborhoods, but thanks to storm drainage improvements some Dougherty County neighborhoods can now handle more rain. The county has finished 6 of the 11 highest priority projects and is making progress on others.

Starting Monday, county crews will begin to install 20 inch pipes along Holly Drive where there is no drainage system now.  It's an effort to move water to a newly deepened and widened holding pond just beyond these trees and the overall effort hopes to improve the county's storm water system.

Hammering and raking.  It's the sound of every day maintenance county public works employees endure to make sure storm water drains are clear. Lately work has centered around 11 priority areas for storm drainage improvements.

"We're doing most of the work in-house with county forces and county equipment which helps stretch our dollars out," said Larry Cook, Dougherty County Public Works Director.

With six projects complete, county crews have turned their attention to Betty's Drive in College Heights, where for the first time ever drainage pipe will be installed starting next week along Holly Drive in preparation for a new pumping station.

"We have a contract there for a contractor to install a major pumping station, that's under contract and we're waiting for him to come in. The county's installing a force main but that will have a major impact on that area," said Cook.

In Putney, crews worked on a holding pond on Nichols Street. Today it was holding water, an improvement from Spring 2009 when homes were underwater.

"Over in the pecan grove on McKenzie's property it stood for about two months," said Don Cox, A Putney Neighbor.

There's still more drainage pipe to be installed on Nichols Street North of McKenzie. Neighbors say its been hectic with work crews in their neighborhood but they're glad crews are there.

"In the long run it will be well worth it," said Cox.

Public Works crews estimate they'll complete the first 11 projects on their list by the end of next year, but won't quit until all 48 improvement projects that came out of the 2009 flooding are complete. @

County crews say traffic along Holly Drive may be hectic while the work is ongoing.

Once it's complete there's still work to be done on Toni Lynn Lane which is just a block from here.

The remaining 37 projects will be paid for with 2.25 million dollars from the newly approved SPLOST 6. There's no timeline for the completion of all 48 projects.

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