Viewpoint: Nixle is nifty

We commend the Albany Police Department in their continued efforts to fight crime in our community.

The Nixle program was rolled out a few weeks ago and many of you have already signed up!

Using text messages and emails, police can now communicate dangers directly to you, whether it's on your street or in your neighborhood.  Using the Nixle program, police are able to give you a "heads up" about crime or a missing person in your neighborhood.

If you are a part of a neighborhood watch program, encourage your neighbors to sign up.  If you are a neighborhood business owner, you are encouraged to sign up, and whether you work outside of the home or stay at home during the day, sign up!

Sign-up is free and all you really need to sign up is a phone number and an email address.  You can even find a link on the right hand side of the news page at to sign up.

As the holidays approach and the potential for criminal activity increases, this is a simple step to take to help take a bite out of crime!

Again, thank you APD for utilizing this new crime-fighting alert system in your efforts to keep our community safe.