Viewpoint: Guest editorial on special needs playgrounds

Guest Editorial: Traci Henry, mother of special needs child, and Rosalyn Kirk of Easter Seals-

As the mother of a handicapped child who has multiple disabilities, I recognize the important need for a playground for children with special needs.

Instead of purchasing commercial airtime during the Super Bowl, Pepsi is using that money to fund ideas that will change the world.

I submitted an application to the Pepsi Refresh Project and that application was accepted.

The idea that gets the most votes will receive money for their project and we only have to be in the top 10 to WIN.

I am asking everyone to Vote for our project every day for the month of November.

You can Vote 3 ways every day. Sending the free text Text: 103013 to Number: 73774 via the Pepsi Refresh website with an email address via your Facebook login:

It is my ultimate goal to create an outdoor playground for handicap children to play on.

Children have the right to have a facility and or area to play in that is safe and compatible to their physical needs.

I will NOT stop until every play area in my community has a handicap accessible swing.

We've sold more than 400 of these T-shirts to help promote the vote.

This voting is worldwide, and we hope you will ask everyone you know to vote.

As an Easter Seals employee and also the mother of a special needs child, I can assure you the need for this play park is great.

Please help us make this happen. Don't forget to vote three times a day, every day!