Viewpoint: Bullies need to be taken seriously

A troubling trend has been making headlines across our country and although it's nothing new, social media has made it meaner and more long-lasting. I'm talking about bullying. It has become such a major issue… that the even the Federal Government is stepping in to address it.

From coast to coast, the headlines have been reading like these…"Prosecutors in New Jersey are deciding whether to file bias crime charges against two college freshmen in connection with the suicide of a fellow student, who was gay." Or this one…"A Florida father who stormed onto a school bus in defense of his daughter is apologizing and speaking out against school bullying." We even hear that bullying happens in the workplace.

The Dougherty County school system recently held sessions to address bullying and suicide prevention. The summit included educators... school police... prosecutors... psychologists... and other community leaders who sat in on a panel to discuss the problem in front of students and parents. They want families to know help is available.

It's unfortunate that there seems to be a rise in this bad behavior but we commend the Dougherty County School system for taking steps to address the problem NOW!! We also hope the students don't forget what was discussed and remember the Golden Rule??? Treat others the same way you would like to be treated…

Whether it's sexuality, race, religion, or whatever makes us different, bullying is wrong.