GOP has plenty of muscle in GA

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –   Georgia Republicans made history Tuesday night, winning every statewide office. For the first time since Reconstruction after the Civil War, no Democrat will hold a statewide position.

Georgia Democratic Party leaders have differing opinions on their future in the Peach State.

As Roy Barnes conceded the Governor's race, it became clear to the gathered Democratic Party leaders that Republicans now dominate the Gold Dome in a way not seen in nearly 150 years.

Most figure party leaders have to make changes if they want to return to prominence.

Georgia State Bar President Lester Tate said, "I think it means Democrats have to step back and regroup."

Some like former Congressman Buddy Darden said life goes on, and that the cycle of politics would swing back the Democrats way again.

"So their crowd has control of it now. Let's see how they do. If it doesn't work out, then Democrats will be back," Darden said.

Other Georgia Democratic leaders and supporters say they are concerned about the party's future.  "You see that there is such a big disparity of white voters who have left the Democratic Party. It's very sad,"  Steve Labovitz said.

But almost all the Democratic Party leadership agreed that Georgia needs to have two strong political parties for the best governance.  "I'm very adamant in my belief that what we need is a two party system, and it takes both Democrats and Republicans to run our state," Tate said.

But all Democrat party leaders agreed that Republicans have to create and jobs soon, or voters will grow discontented with the GOP soon.

Several Democrat consultants said the national wave of unpopularity for Democratic incumbents was a strong influence on the Republican party sweep in Georgia statewide offices.

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