Viewpoint: Chamber Chairmen on SPLOST

I am Jay Smith, and I'm here with a group of past chairmen of the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce. We have worked with the chamber because we believe in joining together to support our business community.

To be successful, our business community needs strong infrastructure, effective services, and ways to cut spending. Since the SPLOST efforts began 25 years ago, we have utilized this tool to provide those assets: infrastructure projects like new roads, bridges, sewer lines, street lights have supported our existing businesses and attracted new businesses.

Effective services like fire and EMT stations have helped us take care of the citizenry and lower insurance rates because of our ISO rating. And, past SPLOSTS have helped us cut spending by allowing people outside our community to help fund the assets and services we all use.

Recent tag counts at the civic center, mall, and theaters have shown more than 50% of the people working, shopping, dining and attending college here are from a county other than Dougherty.

When others participate in funding needs, it relieves a great burden from business and property owners. We care about this community and we know you do too. Please join us in voting yes for SPLOST VI on November 2nd.