Viewpoint: Britches aren't the business of commissioners

Albany city leaders are wasting a whole lot of time trying to outlaw something that isn't a real problem. Commissioner Tommie Postell made it his mission to get rid of saggy pants.

We agree walking around with your pants falling down and your underwear showing is senseless and silly, but it shouldn't be a crime.

Postell and his supporters say the proposed ordinance is comprehensive and deals with other problems too.

But the other issues covered by the ordinance, things such as indecent exposure and public urination, are already illegal. We simply don't need this law.

Albany police officers are already overworked. They need to focus on locking up burglars and armed robbers who are terrorizing our community. They don't need to waste their time stopping teenagers who are walking down the street with their pants too low.

Sure, we'd like to see those kids wear clothes that fit, but what we'd like even more is to see our city leaders focus on problems that really matter.