Viewpoint: Bus Seat Belts

When we get in our cars, it's almost second nature to put on our seat belt, but that's not possible for our children who ride school buses.

One student died, and at least 10 others were injured when a school bus overturned in Carroll County earlier this month.

We all know about the tragedy that happened on Highway 27 South near Cuba Road just outside of Blakely just the day before. The pastor and three other members of a Columbus church lost their lives when their van overturned after a tire blew out.

The idea of requiring seat belts in buses, especially school buses has been discussing for decades, but so far, it is not a reality.

Perhaps these latest tragedies will give renewed energy to the discussion of adding seat belts to buses. There will be a cost associated with this, but we think the savings in terms of human life will be worth the cost of adding the seat belts.

For many years, Georgia was the only state that did not require the use of seatbelts in pickup trucks, but now there is a law requiring their use.

If law makers were persuaded to come around on the pick truck law, then maybe the time is right for them to look at the school bus seat belt issue again.