Viewpoint: Say YES to Amendment #2

Remember to say YES on Amendment #2 when you vote this November.

It will establish a $10 vehicle tag fee, to upgrade more state-wide emergency rooms to trauma centers.

No one likes to think about it, but if you have a serious injury, you have what's called "The Golden Hour", 60 minutes to make it to a trauma center, and receive life-saving care. For children, the window can be a little as 30 minutes.

Traffic accidents are the main cause of deaths from trauma injuries, and the deaths in Georgia are 20% higher than the national average, because we must travel so far,  for immediate care.

For example in Albany, the nearest trauma center is 65 miles South in Thomasville, outside "The Golden Hour" range.

Georgia now has only16 trauma centers, and we are told we should have up to 30, strategically located across the state, to meet our needs.

Think of it as a $10 life insurance policy. A very small price and life-saving benefits.

If this amendment passes it will be establish a trust fund that may not be used for any other purpose than expanded trauma care.   Say YES to save lives, with Amendment #2.