Viewpoint: East Albany Liquor Store

Here we go again. Some Albany City Commissioners just don't seem to understand the importance of economic development.

Businessman Alex Rowe applied for an alcohol license at 301 E. Oglethorpe Blvd. He has a contract to purchase the property, if the City approves the license, Mr. Rowe is prepared to tear down the existing eyesore and replace it with a brand new building for a liquor store and check-cashing business.

The new Construction would remove blight from the community and pour hundreds of thousands of dollars into the local economy. Furthermore, Mr. Rowe's proven track record with an existing business on Slappey Blvd, provides the city with nearly $200,000 in sales taxes each year.

Albany Code Enforcement and the Albany Police Department, signed off on the location meeting alcohol license requirements. The disapproving Commissioners claim that the store location is too close to Albany State and a local church.

Not according to the law. Albany Code Enforcement measured the distance. The Location meets city code. Also interesting that the Commission had no problem in approving L'Jua's for an alcohol license when it sits significantly closer to ASU than Mr. Rowe's proposed location.

Don't forget that L'Jua's owner, Lajuanna Woods funded her building with taxpayer money while she was sitting on the ADICA board. The development of a new business in an already struggling part of town is what Albany needs—   not Commissioners who will stifle economic development.